L'ORIGINE: Il Serpente

L'ORIGINE: Il Serpente



The Alchemical Marriage of Art, Performance and Spirituality. The Art that cures.
L’Origine (The Origin) performance by Giulia Gasparini will speak to us about the most ancient sacred archetype: the Snake.


This creeping animal was used to convey an encrypted message of the different sacred traditions of all the peoples of the earth and in particular in the Alchemic and religious tradition on this planet, while in some cases, it has a negative meaning as a principle of evil itself.
The Snake represents the carrier of life to the whole Universe, in man it is the origin of life and its total renewal, the undulating and dazzling fire that transmutes the matter sublimating it.
Its energy is the Philosopher's Stone of the Alchemists and with it one can create Worlds, stars and planets. The "Christi Serpentis" which perpetuates eternally without beginning or end, through the generations and in all the universes.

Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, the perfect triangle where the Great Architect of the Universe expresses himself, that in the performance bless the woman and the man.
The two look motionless, staring at each other's eyes, merging, becoming One.