KAUMUDI full moon and lunar eclipse


performance with Ankkh


As founder of Seeing the Unseen Movement, a group of international artists which explores consciously other dimensions of reality, Giulia Gasparini gave birth to Cuore di Fenice project.

It was first introduced at Ex Fornace del Naviglio with the patronage of Comune di Milano and then it became a festival in a desecrated church in her hometown, Lodi.

On this occasion she wanted to collaborate with other artists. Kaumudi was the first live performance and ceremony with Ankkh.


Kaumudi has two parts. The first was a live performance where Giulia reborn from the altar and freed the shadow energies of both archetypes masculine and feminine such as hate, greed, regret, violence, envy, anger,…the words were screamed while walking in a lunar circle between the crowd. Then she freed the luminous and balanced sides of the masculine and feminine energy: love, courage, protection, creation, art, peace, forgiveness,…


The second part was a guided Full Moon Ceremony where the public was fully involved, tantrik practices, conscious breathing, sacred chanting in circles and dance.

End of the performance, shot by Federica Calzi

End of the performance, shot by Federica Calzi