NATURA SOVRANA ancestral symbols

As founder of Seeing the Unseen Movement, a group of international artists which explores consciously other dimensions of reality, Giulia Gasparini gave birth to Cuore di Fenice project.

It was first introduced at Ex Fornace del Naviglio with the patronage of Comune di Milano and then it became a festival in a desecrated church in her hometown, Lodi.

Natura Sovrana is a serie of natural installations carrying a story.

There was a little wild forest that was for a period the studio/sanctuary of the Artist. One day she felt ‘‘a call’’ from the forest. The forest was cut down. Tears of sadness came hand in hand with a spectacular sunset in the sky. Learning to appreciate the impermanence of all and the Beauty of it.

So the remains became pieces of Art.

The house is the only object of human belonging. The ancestral hut represent the fragile, sacred, temporality of Nature. Earth as Mother, the earth who gives life and death; that's why if we pick up a thick pencil we design the earth and the home.
It has always been considered by man the center of the world, so much so that the first houses of the nomadic peoples consisted of round huts like the sky, underlying rules of cosmic orientation, with central pillar, which evokes the nadir-zenith axis, the axis-mundi of connection between earth and sky.
The hut is not only identification with the feminine and maternal element, but it is also a symbol of the man he has found place in the cosmos.

Ancestral Huts at Ex Fornace Milano

Ancestral Huts at Ex Fornace Milano

Chandelier of Transformation

Natura Sovrana
Chandelier of Transformation